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Mark Laurence LaRivière Artist —Painter & Photographer

My Artworks. Your Walls.

Or, your walls. My Artworks. Beautiful Either Way.

My artwork Is

Powered by Color

I’m always observing nature to find colors I can use in making paintings. As a result, I often find inspiration in my photographs of flowers—borrowing from nature’s designs—to captivate the eye while still challenging the mind to look deeply. For example, in this 4′ x 4′ Zinnia painting, I mixed 12 shades of pink.

My artwork Is

Inspired by Nature

Although I sometimes paint outdoors (en plein air), I often paint from photographs that I’ve personally taken. So I shot several photographs for this painting of ferns and projected one on a high-resolution monitor to guide my brushwork.

My Artwork Is

Made with Imagination

My landscape paintings are often purely imaginary. Emptying my mind (not difficult for me!), I let the brush lead the way. Without applying judgment, I observe the random marks build up as though someone else was painting them. In that process, I subtly steer them to become a recognizable image. Then, whatever emerges comes straight from my subconscious.

Mark Laurence LaRivière

Meet The Artist —Painter & Photographer

Do you love poring over paintings, prints, and photographs? So do I! My mission is to make pictures that engage and elicit my emotions (and hopefully, yours too!) because emotions are fundamental to our shared human experience.

In college (RISD), I studied painting, but I put making art on hold to pursue a career as a book publishing art director.

Thirty years later, I’m painting seriously again. These days, I combine painting with digital graphics and photography, producing images more from my imagination than simply from my observations.

In all my artwork, I try to produce images that capture the ineffable: feelings communicated wordlessly through a visual experience. Words and stories can’t always convey the feeling of a fleeting moment as instantly and powerfully as a picture.

I believe there is no better way to inspire than with a beautifully painted or printed picture. So I make both abstract and figurative images that evoke some indescribable feeling in me with the hope they may affect the viewer, too.

The reactions folks have had to my work—joy, calm, amusement, and many more—are what sustains my interest and keep me exploring new ways of making art.

My Artwork on Walls

Photography / Printing / Painting

My Specialties

I capture and print museum-quality photographs using the most archival process ever invented.

Custom Murals

Order one of my digital abstractions printed on canvas, mural fabric, or wallpaper to fill your wall.

Buy My Original Art

Select work from my inventory of available paintings and add a high-quality frame. Enjoy free shipping!

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What People are saying…

Ryan Murphy

New Jersey, USA

“Your piece arrived on Saturday, and I hung it yesterday. It’s dope! Thanks so much for your follow-up. I wanna find the right place for the next piece!”

Jessica Williams

Toronto, Canada

“Thank you for sharing yourself through your work and for bringing such happiness to me.

Sam Smithfield

Arizona, USA

“Painting arrived on time in perfect condition. In addition, images online showed a good representation of the work. Thanks!”

Jason Willems

Antwerp, Belgium

The canvas is stunning. I need to invite more people over to see it. It was more than what I hoped it would be. The preview gave me a good idea of what to expect, but it didn’t do the painting justice. Shipping was perfect.”


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