Who Am I?

Formerly, a commercial Art Director in book publishing, I’m now an independent studio artist producing unique paintings, prints, and photographs. My work includes landscapes, still life setups, abstract compositions, portraits, among other subjects. I use oil-on-canvas, digitally printed transfers, collage, and platinum/palladium photographic printing. 

I was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1956. My father gave me his 35mm camera when I was just twelve because he was slowly losing his eyesight to retinal disease. 

Before Dad was completely blind, he showed me how to process black and white film and make contact prints in a makeshift attic darkroom. From then on, photography was not only my hobby but the fundamental reason I decided to study visual art and become a designer.

I attended the Rhode Island School of Design eventually graduating in 1982 with a fine art painting degree. But instead of painting, for the next thirty years, I earned my living through graphic design and art direction jobs. I managed teams of designers producing books, ephemera, exhibits, and retail promotions for major museums, cultural institutions, and book publishers.

Shortly after retiring in 2014, I opened my art studio and equipped it with a photographic darkroom and high-resolution printers for making digital negatives for platinum printing. I love making beautifully printed photographs, but I also paint, design graphics, and make collages. Photography, though, is the basis of almost all my projects.

I invite you to follow me on this art journey via social media, especially Facebook, where I post a lot of my work along with images of work from other artists that I find inspirational. If you sign up for my newsletter, I’ll send you occasional messages when I post new work to my site and let you know about giveaways and limited editions.

I’m an independent studio artist producing unique paintings, prints, and photographs.
Mark Laurence LaRivière

Mark Laurence LaRivière

I'm a fine art painter and photographer who is always seeking to turn the ordinary into something extraordinary.

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