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Let’s say you’ve moved into a new apartment or house and the walls are blank. They’re probably painted a shade of white that is offensive to no one, but, unmemorable and bland. What to do to liven up the space?

Consider tapping into my archive of high resolution images and get me to create an edge-to-edge mural for a wall in a key spot, say, at the end of a hallway, opposite the entry door, or on a favorite bedroom wall. Or, hire me to customize a large print for your space.

Custom Murals or Wall Art

Choose any of my existing product artwork (simply copy/paste the title from the store’s product page into an email) and ask me to customize an edge-to-edge mural, a custom-printed canvas, framed or gallery-wrapped, or a big acrylic print hovering perfectly over your not-to-be-overlooked wall. (I will also consider commissions to paint, draw or shoot a new image.) Send me your ideas and room details using the contact form.

For a mural project, my customers always purchase the mural or digital print directly from the printing company subject to their sales policies, taxes and pricing. (I do not mark up the printer’s prices.) The manufacturer prints, finishes and ships the print directly to the homeowner or installation subcontractor. I charge a one-time image-use fee that varies with the size of the final work. (Please note: I always retain all image copyrights.)

The key to creating a great mural is to pick a location where the image will draw the eye into the room and instantly provide a splash of mood-setting color. Natural scenes, abstracts, close-ups of flowers, plants, water, and sand can accomplish this task admirably. I’ve got hundreds of images that may work well for your home. 

Choose the photo(s) you want and contact me by email. Then, we can Skype or Zoom to discuss your project. The next step is to gather accurate wall measurements and take clear photos so that I can mockup the finished work on your wall. Once you’re pleased with it, I’ll provide a detailed estimate of what it will cost to produce and install the work.

Magic Murals offers a great solution for for murals on highly textured walls like stucco, brick or over wood paneling by printing huge images on lightweight fabric that is stretched over a thin aluminum frame firmly attached to the wall.

For customized wall art that is not a mural, I work with Bumblejax.com a Seattle-based printing and fabrication company. They’re experts in printing on acrylic producing gorgeous images you’ll be proud to display.

I can prepare most of my images as diptychs (two panels) or triptychs (three panels). Smaller panels are less expensive to produce and ship, easier to hang than a single large print and are all the rage in home decor trends. Check out this well written explanation from Bumblejax here.

If you wish to configure one or more of my images for printing on paper, metal, wood, acrylic, or even as a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle, click on this link to find my gallery on Pictorem.com, a leading supplier of high resolution printing. Ground shipping to all of North America is free!

For the very top of the line huge acrylic prints, there is no better place to have images printed than at White Wall in Germany (with US-based sales office). Their engineers designed special inkjet printers capable of printing images up to 10 feet wide at high resolution seamlessly. Their prints are simply stunning! Check them out, then if budget permits, let’s talk!

Magic Murals

White Wall

Hire me to design a custom mural of one or more of my works for your home or office.
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Mark Laurence LaRivière

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