Still Life with Martini | Original Oil Painting

A "Reflection" On Alcoholism
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Size: 26"w X 22"h X 1.5"d
Subject: Still Life
Medium: Oil paint
Materials: Canvas on wooden stretchers
Framing: Framed in Natural Maple Canvas Float Frame

The main concept of this early work is a realistic depiction of an ice bucket, two martini glasses filled with liquid, a metal pitcher, a blue vase, and an open martini shaker. To me, the picture is a metaphor for alcoholism. The black central open end of the martini shaker represents the "black hole" that consumes the alcoholic. The highly colored fabric represents the "good times" experienced by chronic drinkers, and the reflections represent the many illusions the afflicted person suffers.

I started this painting by picking out the fabric from a home closet. I was immediately drawn to its 12 color stripes and skeptical of my ability to paint it adequately. I knew I'd have to mix not only the local colors for each stripe also their variations in shadow and full light.

To compound the challenge, I chose reflective objects to situate on the fabric and reflect the bright colors. I found the martini glasses in our cupboard, as well as the stainless steel shaker. In younger days, these were often-used, prized possessions, but now were gathering dust. I purchased the blue vase and metal water pitcher from Salvation Army in Port Chester, NY, one of my favorite haunts when shopping for props.

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