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In an inwardly focussed moment while listening to the Billy Paul song, "Me and Mrs. Jones", I captured figure model Liv Sage embodying the role of the jilted lover portrayed in the lyric. Liv's poses move at a rapid clip. This one coincided with the line "It hurts so much, it hurts so much inside." Written in 1972 by Cary Gilbert, Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, the song hit #1 for three weeks when I was an impressionable 16 year-old addicted to pop radio. It has had a spot on my '70s playlist for several years.

Liv and I started our shooting session without any specific intention. That's when I cue'd up my collection of music from the 70's as background. I was shooting with my Sigma 24-70mm Art 017 lens on a Canon 5D MarkIV at about 3 frames per second. Liv is a highly experienced professional figure model with the ability to morph seamlessly from one character to another without a hint of self-consciousness. Rarely have I ever worked with such a talented model.

From this exposure I printed a digital negative on 11 x 17" film. Then, the film negative was exposed to sensitized Hahnemuhle Platinum Rag paper and developed in an ammonium citrate solution at room temperature. Subsequently, the print was washed thoroughly to remove all traces of iron oxalate sensitizer. As a result, this print has archival qualities ensuring, if cared for properly, its unfading clarity for well over 100 years.

The print measures 11" x 15" overall with an 8" x 12" image area. It is signed in pencil on the lower right. Inquire about framing options. This is a limited edition of 25 numbered prints.

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