Liv Sage Figure

An Original Oil Painting | 45x30"
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Size: 45"w x 30"h x 1"d
Subject: Figure Model
Medium: Oil paint
Materials: on stretched Belgian Linen

Model Liv Sage sat for me for this 2018 figure portrait painted in oils on linen. I positioned the lighting source on the floor in front of her right leg for dramatic shadows. A black velvet drape obscures the background entirely. To capture her fleeting gaze, I took several photographs to inform the later work in the studio.

At 45" wide and 30" tall this canvas is the largest painting of a single figure I've ever done. At this scale, body features are approximately actual size. I wanted the model to be slightly compressed or restricted into the rectangle of the canvas, a technique some of my favorite painters and illustrators used to convey intimacy with the viewer.

You may wish to purchase this work with a frame. If so, I'm recommending the aged Cherry floater frame with a 1/4" gap all around, but since the work is not yet framed, you may choose another style from American Frame Company, if you wish.

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