Liv Close Up

A Handmade Platinum Print
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Process: Platinum/Palladium
Paper: Hahnemühle Platinum 100% Rag
Image Size: 12" x 8"
Subject: Street Photography
Frame: black wood
Edition: 25

Liv Sage is a professional photographer's model with the familiar face of a college friend you have't seen in . . . well, forever. Her moods in front of the lens shape-shift so quickly I had difficulty keeping up with them through my viewfinder. One moment beaming, bursting with giddy laughs, the next, ruefully grinning, followed by sullen pouting. All these seemingly heartfelt emotions appearing, dissipating, and re-appearing on demand. It's the mark of a talented model to be able to slip effortlessly from one skin into another while the camera clicks away.

If you collect platinum prints, you may expect to find the image area surrounded by a traditional black edge formed by exposed sensitizer chemicals that are brushed onto the paper. That is typical of hand made platinum prints and indeed, I made many prints in this way, some of them you will find on this site.

However, recently, I find the presence of a hand brushed black frame distracting from the enjoyment of a well-printed image. I take extra steps in preparing my prints for printing by carefully masking the negative and limiting the application of sensitizer to a crisp clean edge.

This picture measures 8" wide X 12" high and is printed on Hahnemühle Platinum 100% Rag paper. I offer two simple framing options or order the print unframed. Unframed prints will be shipped in an acid-free folio.

Please allow approximately two weeks for fulfillment. Each order is custom printed, hand-assembled, and if framed, matted with acid-free museum board, archival hinges, and protected under clear acrylic to ensure safe shipping. The print will be signed in pencil on the verso sometimes including printer's notes.

Please note: International shipping rates are calculated for the framed version. Rate will be less for the unframed version.

This is a limited edition of 25 prints.

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