Lemon Yellow | Original Oil Painting

“But if they were afraid of lemon meringue pie, this would be an irrational fear. . . "
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Size: 39"w X 24"h X 1.5"d
Subject: Abstraction
Medium: Oil on wood panel
Materials: 1/8" cradled plywood panel

“. . . because lemon meringue pie is delicious and has never hurt a soul.” —Lemony Snicket

This playful abstraction relies on a classic pair of complementary colors: cadmium yellow light and ultramarine blue with a gradation of burnt orange rising up from the bottom edge. The composition is painted on a rugged cradled plywood panel. It can be displayed with or without a frame. An optional aged cherry floater frame is available, please add 5-7 days to normal delivery for framing.

Signed on the verso and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

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