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You're home alone. You're in the bath. You hear a noise in the living room. Everyone feels vulnerable while taking a bath. Ever since the movie Psycho, showers and baths can trigger fear without warning.

What's your reaction? Hide? Get dressed and investigate? Find a weapon? Ignore it?

This photo arose from Masha's improvisation when prompted to imagine the scenario of suspecting a burglar has entered her apartment while she's in the bath. She nailed it. The crouching pose, the worried look while gripping the cold porcelain tell the story. Working with a talented model like Masha is a photographer's dream.

The photo is a handmade 8x12" platinum/palladium print on German-made Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper. Finished in an elegant black wood frame with a 2" Arctic white acid-free matte, you'll be proud to add this evocative image to your fine art photo collection.

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