Coming to Fruition | Original Oil Painting

“How lovely yellow is! It stands for the sun.” – Vincent Van Gogh
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Size: 60" x 48" x 1.75"
Subject: Bowl of Fruit
Medium: Oil paint
Materials: Heavy duty 100% cotton canvas with acrylic gesso

This 60" high x 48" wide oil painting is of two bowls of fruit arranged on a marble counter top. Drawn and painted at about 300% of life size, I wanted the viewer to sink into the the oversized landscape of nectarines (red), apples (green), and plums (blue/black) before realizing that the bananas (yellow) were ostracized to a second bowl. I am playing with the idea of how we perceive color in the brain.

Red, green, and blue, or RGB, is the universal colorspace for all projected color of modern screen displays Whereas yellow belongs in the subtractive color set with cyan, magenta, Yellow is situated between red and green on the color wheel. By using these colors I hope to invite the viewer into the composition of circles within circles orbiting the bananas and pause on the texture and brushwork.

This work can be purchased and hung with or without a frame. The Genie Canvas® is collapsible and ships securely rolled and protected in a heavy duty shipping tube ready for easy re-stretching at the destination site. All instructions and hanging hardware included.

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