Arabesque19 | Framed Print

An Archival Framed Print on Fine Art Paper
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Subject: Abstraction
Substrate: fine art paper
Process: archival inkjet
Framing: 3/4" wide light walnut or rosewood
Options: non-glare acrylic

Brighten any room with this abstract print with contrasting black and white arabesques on a free-wheeling hand-painted background. Handsomely framed and matted in either a light walnut or a rosewood narrow wood frame, the archival print on heavy fine art paper is protected with a crystal-clear non-glare acrylic glazing.

When I created this piece in 2016, I was inspired by Philip Taaffe, an American painter working in New York, who layers symbol upon patterns upon painted backgrounds. Philip makes his extraordinary work in a large high-ceilinged studio that occupies an upper floor of Manhattan's Chelsea Hotel on 23rd St.

While working in this vein, I produced a number of silkscreen prints and paintings now in private collections. This digital reproduction captures the details of the original silkscreen on oil painted panel in high resolution.

The image area is 24x31 inches. The white museum matte is 2" wide. The wood frame is 3/4" wide on its face. The outer dimensions are 29.5x36.5 inches.

This print is printed and framed to order. Order it today and it will be ready to ship in approximately 12 working days. Free ground shipments to destinations in the Continental US and Canada.

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